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    I do creative programming as a Designer, Philosopher and Consultant.

    I am constantly trying to close the gap between the feasible and the imaginable.

    After 15 years of professional experience, various positions in creative agencies and software manufacturers, I have now been working as a freelancer for several years. I mainly advise companies and private individuals on the implementation of web-based software.

    My clients appreciate my motivating and solution-oriented way of thinking. Convince yourself and call me at: +49 711 12185491

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  • IT

    Putting the human back into the focus of technology

    Innovation has become rare in an oversaturated technological world. I can handle innovation.

    IT (information technology) is omnipresent and seems to be indispensable. All areas of life are penetrated by technical means, which often include software. Here I have specialized in all areas of application of the Internet, probably the most powerful technical achievement of our times.

    The Internet is much more than a data highway and server farms. In addition to communication and various calculations, my main focus is on human-machine interaction.

    »How to design a technical application that focuses on users experience and not only profit?«

    This is the central question that I ask myself with every new project and try to work on as well as possible and find a suitable solution. Tech giants not only dictate the market with their invasive designs, but also the thinking of employees in marketing, conception, design, UI/UX and programming. To evade this dictate is my greatest strength.

    I have specialized in innovative designs, which UX, i.e. User Experience, which take »Experience« quite literally. I want every user with an experience to leave my websites and apps richer. Not to buy more or consume more, but to see that things can be different. I want to inspire with my work and show that uniqueness and elegance are not just Nice-to-Have's, but a central part of good design.


    I care for my clients as well as they care for me. Read what they said about me and my work.

    • »In order to support our team, we booked Michael in the most stressful project phase, shortly before Go-Live. Within a very short time he had become fully familiar with the topic and the concrete problem and was able to fully support the team in the development of the Angular 5 application. In addition to his independent and focused way of working, he has always contributed with new ideas to enrich the project and complete it on time. Not least because of his very friendly and motivating nature, we would be happy to welcome him again as support in a future project.«

      Stephan Walleczek, Senior Software Architekt at Stoll von Gáti GmbH
  • De


    Form follows Function follows Form follows Function follows Form follows Function

    PRAESTO – Selected Philosophical Writings GatsbyJS · GraqphQL · Markdown

    Praesto is a design concept focused on reducing the distraction while browsing, reading and learning about Philosophy. It is a unique design experience which allows to navigate quickly through a spectrum of philosophical topics.

    All information at one glance

    Innovative scrolling experience

    And for the impatient user some quick facts to-go

    Sarah Esser GatsbyJS · GraphQL · Markdown

    Sarah Esser, born 1977 in Münster, lives and works in Berlin as an artist and sculptor. As a „Meisterschülerin“ of Prof. Berndt Wilde (Kunsthochschule Berlin) she received several prizes and scholarships in Europe. Her oeuvre comprises more than 100 sculptures, drawings and watercolors.

    I created an un-intrusive experience that does not distract from the essential: Her artwork

    Super short loading times for the picture gallery of the artworks

    Reduced to the most essentials

    MUELLERPRINTS. PAPERWORK Angular · Laravel · Webshop · Payment

    Max Müller is a Stuttgart (Germany) based fine art printer and has a collection of hand crafted notebooks. He produces them manually with the best and most ecological materials on the market. His webshop allows the user to individually configure their own notebook.

    Together with the client I created an intuitive guidance.

    Design your own products according to your wishes

    Products with their own personal story

  • Phil

    All Life is problem solving

    Do not trust the fear of error, it will never guide you as well as your heart and mind.

    As a philosophy student at the University of Stuttgart from 2013 to 2018 I dealt with the history of philosophy and numerous in-depth topics of ethics, epistemology, existential philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of mind and certain authors in particular.

    I rank among the most influential philosophers in my development by far: Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michel Foucault, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Hannah Arendt, Karl Popper, Albert Camus, Theodor W. Adorno, Jürgen Habermas and most recently Andreas Luckner.

    The philosophical method, as I would like to call it, has become an essential part of my entire thinking. Philosophy seen as a way of life is nothing more than the structured orientation in one's own thinking. The art of argumentation and discussion then ultimately consists in merging the different horizons, so that an understandable exchange of opinions and convictions can take place at all. This mutual understanding is close to my heart. Even though language is the means of every philosopher's choice, I see this as the greatest danger of misunderstandings. With an alert eye and a benevolent heart, it is possible at least to understand the convictions of others. No matter if it is about knowledge or opinion. For in interpersonal communication I see philosophy as the most useful companion.

    As zoon politikon we want to be part of a larger one. As a rule, we are born into a society that initially overtaxes us, but in the course of our development we form our own reality, which in prayer has points of intersection with other social beings.

    And this is where I see my strengths. It is precisely by means of my distinct abstract thinking and empathy that I try to find the strategically meaningful truth, which, as we know, lies in the middle. No matter whether in dialogues, discussions or own considerations. I try to evade the typical pitfalls of thinking and to search for solutions in a goal-oriented way, because problems are no obstacles for me, but only hurdles.

    Publications & Writings

    From time to time I write philosophical essays on various topics. Feedback of any kind is always welcome. I am convinced that critique and questions will keep the dialogue alive.

    • Cover of „Ein Plädoyer gegen den Einsatz und die Entwicklung autonomer Waffensysteme“

      Ein Plädoyer gegen den Einsatz und die Entwicklung autonomer Waffensysteme

      During the seminar "War robots, Drones and co. – on the Ethics of Autonomous Weapon Systems" at the University of Stuttgart in 2017, I wrote a plea under Prof. Dr. Misselhorn (University of Göttingen) against the use and development of autonomous weapon systems.

      This homework is only available in German.

      Download version as PDF Online version at Researchgate
    • Cover of „How to create a Website and which Questions you have to answer first“

      How to create a Website and which Questions you have to answer first

      Together with Peggy Bockwinkel (University of Stuttgart) I developed a decision diagram for the choice of tools to develop a website in academia. Scientists will be guided step by step to decide which technology best suits their needs.

      This work was created for the Digital Humanities Conference 2018 in Mexico City.

      Download version as PDF Online version at Researchgate
  • Phot


    For more than a decade now I have been practicing photography with SLR cameras. The black-and-white photography of people in their natural being inspires me the most. I don't want to force anything and don't want to cause anything, so I try not to let the camera stand between me and the subject at any time. Moments are volatile and I am not always fast enough and keep it in my mind to capture an image of the situation instead of capturing it in a photo.

    I take photos with a Canon 5D Mark-II and two fast lenses with fixed focal length (50mm and 24mm) to get a reasonable result even in bad lighting conditions.

    Photo 001
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    You can also find my photos on Instagram: @dailysh_it

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